Murky water clearing up soon 

A fixed pipe in South San Francisco’s Centennial Way dog park should solve problems with pooling brown water, city officials said.
Mary Bates, superintendent of parks and facilities, said within the next few weeks an underground pipe will be fixed for better flow and drainage.

“It’s not functioning. We need to dig it up,” she said. “We want to keep the dog park clean and safe.”

Residents have called with concerns about the brown water appearing in the 200-yard-long dog park near Orange Park, Bates said.
South San Francisco resident David Stratta said he was concerned it was diesel seeping through the ground from what he thought was a former truck parking lot.

Stratta said he takes his dog there regularly, and he’s tried to avoid the brown substance that has popped up in recent weeks.

“I want the dogs to be safe,” he said. “It could be contamination and chemicals coming from the ground.”

Bates said the liquid was merely runoff water from recent rain and did not come through the ground.

The water will not harm the dogs, Bates said, but he advised pet owners to avoid the water as a precaution, since there was a possibility of increased bacteria in it.

The pipe-system improvements will not cost additional city dollars, Bates said, and the dog park will remain open.

“We’ll fence it off to make sure dogs cannot get in,” she said. “And it shouldn’t cost more than regular staff hours.”

The Centennial Way dog park opened in May. It sits atop a BART tube that connects the San Bruno and South San Francisco stations. The entire project — which included upgrades to previously undeveloped land between the two stations — cost an estimated $6 million and was paid for with grants and developer fees.

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