Muni unions need to consider SF residents 

Muni is facing a deficit of tens of millions of dollars this year. Its services have already been reduced and are increasingly unreliable. The voters said their piece last November with Proposition G and the unions are refusing to listen. So yes, people are upset with the entire situation and the only faces we know to represent the organization are the drivers.

I would never advocate violence on any person, but TWU Local 250-A needs to understand they are not just fighting management. They are fighting the people of San Francisco and we are becoming increasingly frustrated with them.

Michael Pierson, San Francisco

Leash out-of-control dogs

I encounter dog-owners who let their dogs romp too freely. My Labrador and I run on a daily basis and he is tethered to my waist. I would encourage dog-owners to leash their dogs temporarily if they are not in control of them.

Unleashed dogs often chase us down and disturb our run, forcing us to stop frequently. Being allowed to have your dog off-leash is a benefit, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to create a disturbance for others. Believe it or not, some people are afraid of dogs or just don’t like them.

The majority of us are responsible dog owners, we just need to be more conscious of how we walk our dogs; just show some restraint so we all can enjoy the great outdoors together.

Jeff Chong, San Francisco

Parking app is dangerous

The recent Rohnert Park accident involving a texting driver again underscores the dangers of distracted driving. Yet our San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency proudly puts forth the parking-space iPhone app and glibly states that it expects drivers to use it only when stopped.

I predict about as much compliance with this admonition as with the prohibition against handheld cellphone use while driving, with the expected consequences of more accidents.

Lest you think me a Luddite, OK, I’ll admit the idea is super cool — but maybe not so much when there may be human life and limb at stake.

Leon Traister, San Francisco

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