Muni drivers complain while rest of us suffer 

I get it that driving a Muni bus is not particularly glamorous, and that a huge amount of prestige does not come with the job. But Muni drivers’ compensatory sense of entitlement is really starting to rub me raw.

They refused to make labor concessions while everyone else took cuts. They enjoy pension benefits and health insurance while many of us rely on clinics and emergency rooms for our health care needs. And, of course, they’re averaging $60,000 annually with plenty of overtime to be had while unemployment lines grow.

But now they’re crying about $80 a month to park their cars? A Muni pass — a common expenditure for many San Francisco residents — is $70. So they have to pony up an extra $10 for the luxury of driving to work while avoiding riding the bus altogether. Boo-hoo.

Leah Culleny, San Francisco


Library problems

As a very frequent user of libraries, I have been in many main libraries in major cities of the U.S. I have never seen anything like the homeless takeover that is happening in San Francisco. Not even close. I have witnessed screaming confrontations and heard tourists exclaim their shock.

At 10 a.m. opening time on Saturdays, there is usually a crowd of 15 to 20 people waiting for the Grove Street entrance to open. They have bags, small carts and suitcases, and they rush to the restroom and the computers before the gate is fully opened.

At the Larkin Street entrance, one is greeted with a man sitting on a lobby bench with one very large bundle and two smaller bags. He is usually there day and evening. There is a posted rule about service dogs only. But you can see every kind of mutt, including pit bulls. Many are mangy and are constantly scratching.

Mark Rand, San Francisco


Wheelchair ramp costly

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is planning to spend $529,000 on a wheelchair ramp mainly to “send a message,” Susan Mizner of the Mayor’s Office on Disability said in The San Francisco Examiner on Wednesday.
The message they’re sending is that they’re irresponsible with our money. More than a half-million dollars for a ramp and $49,000 for just the handrail is ridiculous.

John Brady, San Francisco

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