Muni bus runs cyclist into a parked vehicle 

As I was bicycling home from work at approximately 7 p.m., I was forced into a parked pickup truck mirror by a Muni 49 trolley bus on Mission Street, just north of 30th Street.  The 49 overtook me, and as the driver passed, he cut toward the right until I simply ran out of room.

The truck mirror caught me in the right shoulder, immediately knocking me off the bike, and farther out to the right lane.  Fortunately for me, the rear wheels of the bus were ahead of me at this point, and there was no other vehicle close enough to run over me — so I wasn’t crushed.

I’d just like to know what evasive maneuvers a cyclist should attempt when being run into parked cars by a Muni bus, if there is no dedicated bike lane.

Alan M. Nevling, San Francisco

Respecting differences

The fact that individuals define themselves in a significant way through their intimate relationships with others, suggests that in a state and nation as diverse as ours, that there may be many “right” ways of conducting those relationships. And that in a variety of circumstances, we have to recognize that giving individuals freedom to choose how to conduct their lives, is acceptance of the fact that different individuals will make different choices

Freedom to differ, is NOT limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of freedom is the right to differ about things that touch the heart of the existing order.  It is precisely because the issue raised by the Proposition 8 lawsuit touches the heart of what makes individuals what they are that we should be especially sensitive to the rights of those whose choices upset the majority.

Robert Sodervick,  San Francisco

Set hikers free, Iran

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran cannot fool the American people.  His nation is the supplier of roadside bombs to Iraq and Afghanistan for killing American troops; and missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah for killing innocent Israeli civilians. If Ahmadinejad were sincere, he would have waived the $1 million bail and set the two innocent American hikers free immediately.

Van Nguyen, San Francisco

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