Muni anti-Islam hate ads defaced with Muslim superhero 

  • Courtesy Street Cred - Advertising for the People
On the sides of Muni buses now, a fight is raging: Islamaphobia versus a super heroine.

Muni buses city-wide have featured anti-Islam ads from the American Freedom Defense Initiative off and on over the years. Just two weeks ago they resurfaced again, linking Islam to Hitler.

"Islamic jew-hatred, It's in the Quran. Stop the hate: End all aid to Islamic countries," one ad reads. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has opted not to remove the ads, to protect free speech. The agency mitigated this, though, by donating the money from the advertising to the Human Rights Commission.

Now activists are fighting the vitriolic bus-ads themselves, plastering the images of Hitler with images of Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Muslim super hero, from Marvel comics, according to Facebook group Street Cred -- Advertising for the People, who posted photos of the activism.

"Calling all bigotry busters," the defacement reads, which leads to a new interpretation of the hate-ad's original message, still visible below, "Stop the hate."

Where the ad once read "End all aid to Islamic countries," the words "End all aid" were covered with hearts. One could read the ad is now saying, "Love to Islamic countries."

SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose told The Examiner that the ads are out of the agency's hands.

"We have seen the photos online, but we don’t manage the repair or replacement of ads on our vehicles," he said. "That would be something Titan Outdoor would manage with the organization that purchased the ads."

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