Muni allows malignant work culture to persist 

Really? Walter Scott, the secretary-treasurer of the Transport Workers Union Local 250-A, has never worked in the real world.

He says about the Muni driver absentee problem: “I don’t se it being different than any other workplace.”

If 15 percent of my work force were on long-term leave (disability?), 15 percent were out sick and another 10 percent were on vacation, I would be in full panic mode trying to keep my company afloat. Show me one workplace other than Muni where this is the norm.

I understand Muni drivers have an extremely difficult job and deal with many hazards normal working folks can’t imagine, but they are very well-paid. The cause in this case is an underlying malignant culture that is tolerated and perhaps fostered by management.

Where is the leadership and why is this level of nonperformance tolerated? No wonder Muni is sinking. They should all be embarrassed, but they are probably just reading this and laughing.

Gus Sinks
San Bruno

Luck made right decision

I applaud star Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck’s decision to forego a likely big pro football contract and stay in school for another year.

I admire an athlete who takes his education, honoring commitments to his school and loyalty to his teammates seriously, including even above that of money.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman
Huntington Beach

We can only watch and wait

One can always hope that experience is a great teacher. One can always put politics aside and believe that our yet-again elected governor has a rich patina rather than a shop-worn quality.

Gov. Jerry Brown wishes to move power from the state level to the local level. The newly elected Republican Congress wishes to move power from the fed to the states. To date, our governor’s motives are unclear, as is the Republican commitment to smaller government.

But one can hope.

Paul Burton
San Francisco

Abbas still dances alone

The purpose of negotiations is to discuss and resolve the issues.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas continues to demand that Israel stop construction in eastern Jerusalem before he will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That is putting the cart before the horse.

Netanyahu has consistently invited the Palestinians to direct negotiations, and therein to negotiate all the issues, in order to create the first Palestinian state.

Direct negotiations without pre-conditions is a simple as it gets. It takes two to tango, but Abbas continues to dance alone.

Norman Licht
San Carlos

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