'Multiple advisers to President Obama' saying Coakley will lose? 

Reports CNN's Ed Henry:

Multiple advisers to President Obama have privately told party officials that they believe Democrat Martha Coakley is going to lose Tuesday’s special election to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy for more than 40 years, several Democratic sources told CNN Sunday.

The sources added that the advisers are still hopeful that Obama's visit to Massachusetts on Sunday - coupled with a late push by Democratic activists - could help Coakley pull out a narrow victory in an increasingly tight race against Republican state Sen. Scott Brown.

However, the presidential advisers have grown increasingly pessimistic in the last three days about Coakley's chances after a series of missteps by the candidate, sources said.

Ed Henry is weakly defending this report on Twitter as as a way of possibly firing up the Democratic base -- but other well-known politicos such as Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney campaign vet and GOP communications pro, are don't buy this reasoning at all.

It does look awfully bad for a report such as this to emerge the day the President campaigns for the flailing Coakley. If members of the Obama administration personally paid for buses from General Motors everytime they wanted to throw someone under one, we'd have that auto bailout money paid back in no time.

UPDATE: Ed Henry contacted me on Twitter to say, "I'm not trying to defend my report or defend WH advisers ... just laying out possible explanations for why WH advisers saying that about Coakley; @tonyfratto @KevinMaddenDc free 2 disagree." Given Henry's back-and-forth with Kevin Madden and Bush White House spokesman Tony Fratto on Twitter over his report, Henry appeared to be a bit defensive. However, Henry is a good, straight reporter and it makes more sense he'd simply be filling out details rather than doing anything resembling spinning for the White House. Twitter is a great tool for political information, but alas context is sometimes a casualty of the 140 character limit -- so my thanks to Henry for contacting me and clarifying.

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