MoveOn's jubilant email on Kloppenburg's victory 

Yesterday in the early afternoon, jubilant activists at sent out an email celebrating the victory of union-backed JoAnne Kloppenburg in Wisconsin's Supreme Court election, over former Republican legislator and incumbent Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. She had won by just over 200 votes out of 1.5 million cast.

Hours later, a clerical error was revealed -- an entire city had been omitted from the election night results given to the media. Once the error was corrected, Prosser's unofficial lead is greater than 7,000 votes. He now appears certain to win.

That development makes this email a lot more fun to read:

Dear MoveOn member,

GREAT NEWS from Wisconsin, where students, teachers, and other progressives have been battling Gov. Scott Walker's horrible attacks on workers and the middle class.  

Everyone has expected Walker to rely on the state Supreme Court to rubber-stamp is arguably illegal agenda. But yesterday, a 13-year Republican incumbent Supreme Court justice tied to Walker lost an election to a progressive Democratic challenger—pretty amazing, considering the same judge won 99% of the vote in his last election.1

The revolution that started in the Wisconsin statehouse is growing!

And not just in Wisconsin. Progressives are organizing in ways we haven't in years all OVER the country in response to the same kinds of attacks we've seen in Wisconsin. If I told you last November, right after the election, that in five months we'd see an unprecedented wave of grassroots progressive energy across America, you probably would have called me crazy.

We've got to seize on this opportunity. We're ready to build on the energy of Wisconsin with even bigger events nationwide, powerful new ad campaigns, and plans to engage millions of new people inspired by what's happening. Can you chip in to help carry the momentum forward?

Perhaps some of them did chip in. But which way is that momentum going?

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