starts an 'emergency campaign' to save 'real health reform' 

MoveOn writes to tell members that they're beginning an "Emergency Campaign" to stop Democrats from giving up on health insurance reform:

Dear MoveOn member,

Tuesday's election was a shock. But the aftermath was even worse: President Obama and some Democrats in Congress are now considering scaling back health care reform.

That would be a huge mistake. We saw on Tuesday that voters don't feel like Washington is delivering on the change they voted for in 2008. Caving on health care reform will only make that worse.

Huh. What if independent voters wanted change from George W. Bush, but didn't realize that all of that pretty rhetoric from 2008 was concealing a bitterly partisan, left-wing president who would bring a bull-in-a-china-shop approach to Congress?

In any case:

So we're launching an emergency campaign to save real health care reform. The first step is running full-page ads in national newspapers with thousands of names of folks calling on Democrats to step up and pass strong health care reform. Will you add your name to the ad today?

Sounds like a lost cause, but a very good excuse to raise money.

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