Mountain dunes should be preserved 

"San Bruno Mountain development causes dustup," Peninsula, July 11

Mountain dunes should be preserved

A special area in Daly City that we at San Bruno Mountain Watch call The Dunes is in danger of being developed. In your recent article, Hilldale School's owner, John Sittner, declared that his expansion would be better for the area than the previous proposed development. In my view it would be the same destruction, if not worse, than the eight homes proposed for the area before.

Sittner has told San Bruno Mountain Watch that he would like to build classrooms, a soccer field and a parking lot on a rare inland sand dune, on native plants and on a federally listed endangered flower (lessingia). This is just below a million-gallon reservoir that sprung a leak last November above Hillside Park. What could go wrong?

An SBMW biologist has found that the severe grading required for this area would severely damage the native plant populations and possibly alter the water table here and for adjoining properties. This was told to Mr. Sittner before he recently purchased this unique property. He responded that he "couldn't build anywhere else".

The best use for this rare dune is for open space between three heavily congested Daly City neighborhoods. This site is perfect for an open-air museum where kids from the seven surrounding schools, and community, could learn about natural history including an archaeological site, help to remove invasive weeds and restore native ones.

Del Schembari, SBMW Board Member, South San Francisco

•"Girl at SFO crash scene died from being run over," The City, Sunday

New view on crash death

I'd like to point out that the death on the tarmac in the July 6 air crash at San Francisco International Airport wasn't caused by rescuers in a chaotic attempt to save many other lives.

The deaths were caused by the plane smashing into the ground, spewing people on the tarmac, pure and simple.

Put blame where the blame lies, and stop trying to make the rescuers feel liable over an accident with your incessant headline implying otherwise.

Darge Arnan, San Francisco

•"Long-lost Playland at the Beach relic resurfaces in Massachusetts," The City, Sunday

Fond Playland memories

Thanks for running the old Playland slot-car track on your cover, it really brought back some awesome memories of when I used to go there with my dad.

I had a custom Model T slot car my uncle had given to me one birthday. I remember I had the bright idea to see if that car could go full throttle through the biggest banked turn. The car came off its lane and shot up all the lanes, over the top and made a huge drop to the floor. It was not running after that. Many years after, I got the car to run once again at a track that once existed in South San Francisco.

Glen Coddington, Oakland

•"CCSF trustees aren't optimistic about their replacement's chance to save school," The City, Friday

Hush up, CCSF trustees

Why would anyone be interested in what the former City College of San Francisco trustees have to say?

It is their lack of leadership that resulted in the demise of CCSF. If the public desires opinions, whether optimistic or pessimistic, proven leaders should be sought, and not those of trustees who are still trying to defend themselves before the public eye.

Robert A. Jung, San Francisco

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