Mother, attorney stresses emergency contacts for kids 

A mother of three and family attorney since 1982, Nancy Chillag grants advice on the importance of filling out school emergency cards for kids, but also on legal guardianship in the case of an emergency. For more info, visit

Most parents fill out school emergency cards for their kids. Is that enough in case of an emergency? The schools give out emergency cards. Most people think if someone has to pick up their kid because there’s an emergency at school, they can just name the neighbor and they can go pick them up. Which is fine. But if you’re killed while your kid is in school, that school is not going to release that school to your neighbor.

What are the steps that need to be taken to set up legal guardianship? You need to put legal documents in place to allow people to temporarily take care of your kids until a permanent guardian can be appointed.

How important is it not only to fill out these school emergency cards, but legal documentation in case of an emergency? I’ve been filling out those forms for 20 years, and people don’t give it a second thought. And they need to give it a second, and third, thought. Nobody wants to think about that, but at the same time, you have to.

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