Most cyclists careful, but some rogues are not 

I drive along Valencia Street most mornings. Every morning I see bicyclists riding in their lanes and most of them do it with caution. But every morning there are also those militants who run red lights, turn illegally or make turns without signaling.

This morning, a biker just ahead of me veered out of the bike lane into my traffic lane without any glance over his shoulder or indication he was going to do so. He came very close to my car. At the next stop light he pulled up alongside and threatened me.

I’m sure from his perspective he was in the right — as I feel I was from my own perspective. But if there was a collision, he would have ended up worse. I used to ride a bike in The City and know it is a dangerous option. So I was always exceedingly careful. The bikers and bike coalition want to have the same rights on the road as cars, which means they have to obey the same laws. Please be careful.

D.A. Dougan, San Francisco

Middle class must act

I am totally appalled at Washington’s debt-ceiling deal. It seems no one in Congress cares about the hard-working American middle class. They just passed trillions in cuts without one cent of tax givebacks from billionaire U.S. corporations and billionaire citizens. It is virtually criminal to balance our budget entirely on the backs of the poor and the middle class.

How can Congress sleep at night as they vote to eliminate government jobs, health care and education support? Meanwhile, they reward corporations and corporate CEOs who ship our jobs overseas by not increasing their taxes one penny.

It is time for the silent majority to rise up. We are tired of slipping closer to poverty as the rich increase their wealth with no regard for anyone else.

Rudyard Vance, San Francisco

Why panic over Ed Lee?

Mayor Ed Lee running for election in November shouldn’t cause so much panic among the ranks of Democratic Party political machine operatives in San Francisco.

It’s 2011, for goodness’ sake. Let’s hope that the machine operatives are not panicking just because Lee is Asian-American.

All candidates should be evaluated on the merits and strengths of their qualifications, integrity and competence, not on how deeply they are in the pockets of political party machinery operatives and interest groups.

Anh Le, San Francisco

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