Morning Examiner: Two months late and four trillion dollars short 

Ryan leads, Obama follows: The White House can deny it all they want, but everyone who is paying attention knows President Obama is playing follower to Paul Ryan's leader. Mother Jones flags the best evidence for this noting that last December when President Obama's debt commission released the Bowles-Simpson plan, Center for American Progress president John Podesta called the plan "substantively flawed" as well as "fundamentally unbalanced and unrealistic." But now that Ryan has produced his plan, Podesta is singing a different tune, telling Mother Jones: "I agree with Congressman Van Hollen that Bowles-Simpson is a good starting place for the discussion." By failing to lead, Obama has allowed Ryan to shift the goalposts about a hundred yards to the right. And Ryan isn't letting up. He will be directly responding to Obama's Wednesday speech with a Thursday address of his own.

Budget deal rebellion: An AP story headed "Obama prevents budget cuts to favorite programs" might just bring down the budget deal Speaker Boehner cut Friday. Widely linked to on conservative sites, the story details the "sleight of hand" accounting used to reach the top line $38 billion in cuts. Bottom line: the deal only contains around $15 billion in real cuts. With leading conservatives like Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Republican Study Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) already on record against the deal, leadership can not lose many more votes. House Majority Whip Eric Cantor moved to quell the uprising late Tuesday assuring reporters the bill will pass with "strong Republican support."

Dems in debt limit disarray:
President Obama and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer have both admitted their past votes against raising the debt ceiling were "a mistake." Meanwhile, The Weekly Standard reports that Sen. Tom Caper (D-DE) does not regret his 2006 vote against raising the debt ceiling, Sen. John Rockefeller (D-WV) doesn't remember why he voted against it, and Majority Leader Reid can't even remember that he voted against. Apocalyptic Senate Democratic rhetoric on the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling not going to gain any traction until they figure out a way to explain their own voting pasts.

Righty Playbook:

  • RedState's Erick Erickson explains why Pawlenty's Nick Ayers' hire is such a coup.
  • The Weekly Standard's Daniel Halper hits Pelosi for saying: "Elections shouldn't matter as much as they do."
  • James Pethokoukis casts doubt on Mitt Romney's private sector record asking: "Is U.S. ready for its first buyout president?"
  • The Weekly Standard's John McCormack explains how federal tax dollars subsidize Planned Parenthood abortions.
  • According to The Tax Foundation, yesterday was Tax Freedom Day.

Lefty Playbook:

  • The "Do Nothing" plan gets positive write ups from David Leonhardt and Daily Kos.
  • That MA Dem video celebrating Romneycare's birthday hit just about every lefty blog including Daily Kos.
  • TPM is hitting House Majority Whip Eric Cantor for saying the U.S. will hit the debt ceiling in July.
  • Think Progress slams House GOP for breaking their own 72 hour rule.
  • Blue Arkansas says state Dems caved on redistricting map.

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