Morning Examiner: Labor on the run 

The wages of Walker’s win: According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, public employee unions in Wisconsin may just choose to decertify instead of facing the yearly recertification votes required by Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill. The Journal-Sentinel reports: “Under Walker’s legislation, public employers could no longer collect membership dues on behalf of unions and workers would no longer have to pay dues to unions if they decline to do so. All that leaves little incentive for unions to keep their official status.” Instead, government unions may reorganize as voluntary organizations that would advocate on other issues important to members.

And The Examiner reported Friday, that Wisconsin prison and health workers continue to rake in big overtime bucks. More than 160 of them earned $25,000 or more in just overtime pay in 2010 alone.

Right to work rebound: Legislation that would allow private-sector workers to opt out of joining unions is close to becoming law in both New Hampshire and Missouri. According to The Wall Street Journal, “the measures, if successful, would mark the first expansion in a decade of right-to-work laws, which are on the books in 22 states. … If the bill passes, New Hampshire would become the first right-to-work state in the Northeast, historically a union stronghold.”

Will Obama strike back? First reported here, the Obama administration is close to signing an Executive Order that would require all private-sector parties doing business with the federal government to disclose all political donations, but would exempt government union collective bargaining agreements from the requirement. The Los Angeles Times reports today that “a lobbying battle is raging largely behind the scenes” with Chief of Staff William Daley advising Obama not to sign the order.

2012 round up: The Wall Street Journal profiles Gingrich, IncJon Huntsman explains why he served Barack Obama.

Righty playbook:

  • Power Line and the Freedom Club is offering a grand prize of $100,000.00 to whoever can most effectively and creatively dramatize the seriousness of the federal debt crisis.
  • The Weekly Standard‘s Irwin Stelzer explains why a budget deal is critical to Obama’s re-election.
  • RedState‘s Steve Maley catches DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz trying to take credit for increased oil production.
  • At The Corner, Mona Charen has a great question for Obama about his investigation of CIA interrogators in light of how Osama was killed.
  • The Weekly Standard has purchased and has redirected it to the DNC website.

Lefty playbook:

  • Firedoglake‘s Blue Texan asks readers to forward this graph to anyone who blames Obama for high gas prices.
  • At The Huffington Post, President of East Timor Jose Ramos-Horta says the U.S. should not get entangled in a Libyan civil war.
  • ThinkProgress notes that the Muslim men kicked off an Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight were on their way to a tolerance conference.
  • After the No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act passed the House, Talking Points Memo asks if there are any pro-choice Republicans left in Congress.
  • The Huffington Post‘s James Zogby looks at the repercussions of killing Osama bin Laden.

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