More support for Warm Planet Bikes 

There is a raging debate going on surrounding bikes, Caltrain and the future of commuting in the Bay Area.

There’s nothing worse than having to ride home without a bicycle seat. You can’t leave your bike locked out in the open at Fourth and King streets or 22nd Street and expect it to be in one piece when you return.

After being a six-year San Francisco to San Jose-Palo Alto Caltrain commuter, I began driving to work again after having my car broken into at 22nd Street multiple times (in one month) and bumped from the train often when I road my bike. That is, until I found out about bike parking at Warm Planet Bikes a year ago. It has literally changed my day.

The Warm Planet team has single-handedly changed the commute of a TON of Caltrain riders, ensuring that bikes are not stripped by thieves and the homeless. If Warm Planet closes, I’ll be forced to carry my bike onto Caltrain, where I’ll be bumping riders down the line if I don’t get bumped myself. “Bikes not bumps” has been a rallying cry for years on Caltrain routes with inadequate bike cars for the commute load. Warm Planet has helped Caltrain avoid bumping bikers during peak commute.

I appreciate the service Caltrain provides, and I go out of my way today to ride Caltrain rather than commute in a car. I hope Caltrain keeps Warm Planet open.

Nate Gilmore
San Francisco

Innocent until proven guilty

What is going on? The newly ‘sworn’ Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is accused of many things that have yet to be proven, nor judged.

Even the sheriff is to be considered innocent until such matters have been taken up in court and judgement is handed down.

William J. Coburn
San Francisco

Bike fees can help deficit

Taxes, taxes and more taxes — and we are still faced with a large budget deficit.

Entrance fees, parking meter fees, through-the-roof property taxes and many other “revenue enhancements” have been implemented, yet San Francisco is still in debt. I love bicycles. When I owned one as a kid, I remember having it registered when going to grade school. Why can’t this intelligent, progressive, cutting-edge city figure out a way for bicyclists to pay their fair share for using the streets of San Francisco?

Theodore Carl Soderberg
San Francisco

Road rules for cyclists

Every day, I see bicyclists running red lights, riding on the sidewalk and running through stop signs.
There seems to be confusion concerning what laws govern bicyclist behavior.

For the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, would you please publish the laws and the amount of the fines for those who choose to ignore those laws?

John Meehan
San Francisco

Editor’s note: A full list of current state bicycle laws can be found at the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ website:

Don’t knock birth control

Many right-wing religious zealots like presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who believes birth control is evil, might find it shocking that married women use birth control too.

Even though he has seven kids, I’d bet there are times when his wife tried to avoid getting pregnant. How can anyone be so out of touch with reality?

Marc Perkel

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