More evidence that going to a fancy college doesn't pay 

Yet another study has turned up results suggesting that, financially, the Ivy League is not a good investment. Professor Laurence Kotlikoff writes at Bloomberg:

A recent study by economists Stacy Dale and Alan Krueger showed that going to more selective colleges and universities makes little difference to future income once one accounts for the underlying ability of the student. Their work confirms other studies that find no financial benefit to attending top-tier schools.

College graduates do earn more than non-college grads, and Ivy League graduates earn more than non-Ivy types, but the correlation might not spell causation. I wrote about this question back in December at which time I pointed to another study also suggesting, as I put it, "smart kids with good work ethic tend to go to college. In other words, being able to get into a good college is a sign that you have it what it takes to be successful in the business world"

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