Moon landing, Giants and one day in 1969 

With the passing of Neil Armstrong, I wanted to share this story with you.

As a native San Franciscan, I was a paperboy for The San Francisco Examiner in 1969. The contest at that time was to get two new subscribers in June, and the reward was two tickets to the Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game on July 20, 1969. I did my part, and that day, I was off to Candlestick Park with my dad as a proud son. This was the first time I was taking him to a game!

The best part of the day? About halfway through the game the?public-address announcer said, “Ladies and gentleman, please rise in a moment of silence as we honor our astronauts who have just landed on the moon!”

My eternal memory will be of my dad and me standing in box seats behind third base and looking out to center field as Willie Mays held his cap over his heart with the American flag waving in the wind. It was then that I realized that without my efforts, my dad and I probably would not have been at the game that day.

Thanks to The San Francisco Examiner, NASA and Neil Armstrong for this wonderful memory and teaching me the lesson that effort equals reward. I have used this lesson all throughout my life and have shared this story with many colleagues through the years as well.

Paul J. Weber
San Francisco

Rape victims need choice

The official platform of the Republican Party and most GOP politicians is to oppose abortion even in the case of rape, incest or danger to the  life of the mother.

So I have some questions for male lawmakers who want to pass laws compelling women to bear the children of their rapists: Suppose your wife is raped and she gets pregnant. Are you going to raise the baby as your own? How are you going to explain this baby to your other kids? If your wife has complications and will die in childbirth, are you willing to sacrifice her life for the rapist’s baby?

When the rapist gets out of jail and wants to visit his child, how are you going to feel about him coming around to your home to pick up and drop off his kid? Are you ready to consult him about medical decisions and where the child will go to school? How will you feel if you want to move but you can’t, because it will interfere with his parental rights? Yes, rapists have parental rights in most states.

If you are fine with this, then go ahead and vote for the Republicans.

But if you don’t want the government to force women to bear the child and then have a shared parental relationship with the criminal for the rest of their lives, then the Republicans are not the party for you.

Marc Perkel

Sheriff took responsibility

In response to David Gin’s Thursday letter regarding Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi  (“Would voters have hired Mirkarimi now?”), where he posits, “Would applicants for law enforcement jobs ... be considered if they had similar convictions on their records? The answer is no,” he obviously has failed to understand the facts.

The plea Mirkarimi took does not prevent him from carrying a firearm, so this statement is incongruent with facts. He also ignores that there are many similar convictions among law enforcement personnel who are neither suspended without pay, nor terminated. Mirkarimi is anything but “exempt.” He was convicted and is serving his sentence.

Given that, Mirkarimi would be an excellent role model as someone who took responsibility for his actions by learning from his mistake.

Tami Bryant
San Francisco

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