Mitch Daniels: CPAC was "a lot of rowdyism" 

At this morning's Christian Science Monitor breakfast with Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, the governor was careful to retain his status as an unwilling presidential candidate and steered clear of any hypotheticals about his political future.

But someone (I think Jill Lawrence of Politics Daily -- but I was seated in the back and pleading for a cup of coffee at the time ) asked Daniels about why he didn't go and try to fire up the crowd at the CPAC last week.

Daniels' response helps explain why the pining for the Daniel's presidential candidacy has mostly been the province of wonkdom -- and why he seems ill-suited to what he called the "savagery" of presidential politics.

Daniels said he wasn't at CPAC because it was "a lot of rowdyism and barbs cast at the other side. I think that's appropriate at a certain time. But that's not my lane right now."

Daniels was arguing for the GOP to embrace "a friendly and unifying tone" and that his primary political focus was the upcoming elections for the Indiana legislature.

He argued that the problems facing the country -- deficits and economic stagnation in particular -- were so dire that they demanded serious policy work, not red meat politics.

"For the first time, I'm concerned about the future of the American experiment," Daniels said.

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