Mission anarchists gone mild with online confession of vandalism 

click to enlarge Red-letter day: An anarchist symbol was scrawled in the 700 block of Valencia Street early Wednesday. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Red-letter day: An anarchist symbol was scrawled in the 700 block of Valencia Street early Wednesday.

An anarchist group apparently bent on stopping gentrification in the Mission district claimed responsibility for vandalizing cars and businesses in the neighborhood early Wednesday.

Police said symbols associated with anarchy were reportedly scrawled on at least one building, one restaurant and one car. The graffiti was reported in the 500 block of Guerrero Street, along with the 700 and 200 blocks of Valencia Street, Officer Albie Esparza said.

Just before 6 a.m. Wednesday, an anonymous message was posted on IndyBay.org — a radical independent media website — claiming an anarchist group was responsible for the vandalism. The group said it “joyfully attacked all presence of gentrification” by etching “die yuppie scum” and other obscenities around the neighborhood. The group claimed to have hit condos, cafes, modern furniture stores and high-end restaurants and vehicles.

“The people and businesses we attacked, with smiles and laughs, have for decades and still continue to actively displace and destroy the generations of families in The Mission,” according to the post.

However, police only received three possibly related vandalism reports from Wednesday morning, Esparza said. In each case, he said, only the “A” symbol associated with anarchy was seen.

Earlier this month, the same group also claimed responsibility for destroying six unoccupied San Francisco police cruisers in a Bayview maintenance yard. The vehicles had long been retired, police said, though the anarchists claim they had rendered them “unusable.”

The anarchists are not only 
trying to kick rich people out of certain neighborhoods. This month’s vandalism incidents also were said to be in protest of a Washington state grand jury investigation into criminal activity that occurred during Seattle’s May Day

“To our companions currently facing or who do face Grand Jury’s in the future: SAY NOTHING,” the group stated in Wednesday’s IndyBay post. “You have waves of invisibles behind you ready to coalesce from the woodwork and attack at the ready.”

The Mission was targeted by anarchists during a protest April 30 leading up to the May Day actions. After breaking off from a peaceful demonstration at Dolores Park, a group of up to 150 people marched through the neighborhood smashing the windows of vehicles and businesses and chanting, “No more pigs in our community.”


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