Mirkarimi needs a real job 

The Ross Mirkarimi hearings illustrate how useless “professional politicians” are.

The sheriff (for the time being) is in his mid-40s, a stage of life when a mature individual has established a career of some sort whereby he or she is a self-supporting adult, can contribute a service or produce goods, and can contribute to the creation of wealth.

Mirkarimi has been playing politics and now finds that he has nothing to fall back on with respect to an occupation, a job or a career. Mirkarimi is a poster child not only for term limits, but also for people who have not matured. Let him work the drive-thru window at McDonald’s or be a greeter at Wal-Mart, if either of those companies will have him.

Adults, not children, should govern San Francisco.

Mike McAdoo
San Francisco

High-speed rail funds will doom education

Against the will of 75 percent of California’s voters, the state Legislature’s Democrats on Friday approved spending $8 billion on high-speed rail in the Central

This came after intense lobbying from big-union bosses, Gov. Jerry Brown and President Barack Obama. No Republicans approved high-speed rail spending. But this is only a small 4 percent down payment on a huge multibillion-dollar project that doesn’t even include high-speed trains, electrification, train control, private investors or future funding sources.

Remember this come November, when Democrats ask you to raise taxes because of a “bad budget.” This vote proves there is no bad budget.

Dad can’t take out a $350,000 loan for a Ferrari and also ask Grandma for money to buy pencils for the kids — that’s just stupid.

Instead, at Brown’s news conference to sign the $8 billion high-speed rail bill, the governor should bring a 5-year-old kindergarten student to the podium and pull the trigger that shoots holes in the child’s future

By funding high-speed rail against the voters’ will, the Democratic dictatorship caused $7 billion in “automatic trigger cuts” to K-12 children (increasing class sizes, reducing the school year by three weeks and laying off teachers) and doomed us to future tax increases and bond requests.

California has raced to the bottom in education once again, thanks to Sacramento’s Democratic dictatorship.

Mike Brown


Hetchy plans are all wet

The supporters of draining Hetch Hetchy Reservoir are, in my opinion, blind zealots who don’t think things through before acting.

Draining Hetch Hetchy and spending millions on a sustainability study are foolish ideas. Where will they get the money for this study of theirs? And if the reservoir is drained, where will residents throughout the Bay Area get their water supply?

That would necessitate spending millions (perhaps billions) more just to build new infrastructure to support “sustainable” water supplies. That proposition alone is unsustainable at best.

Wouldn’t the money that would be spent on the study be better utilized in improving the current water-delivery system so that we can have a reliable source of water in the future? If they really want to make everybody else suffer for their ideology, then they are all wet behind the ears.

Edmund Lee
San Francisco

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