Michela Alioto-Pier to elected officials: ‘decline this ill-timed raise’ 

After The San Francisco Examiner reported that San Francisco’s elected officials will receive pay raises next fiscal year, former District 2 supervisor and mayoral candidate Michela Alioto-Pier called on them to forgo the raises.

“At a time when the city is not hiring new police officers, asking nearly all city workers to accept pay cuts, and facing potential lay-offs, for elected officials to take a pay raise is just the wrong thing to do,” Alioto-Pier said in a statement.  “I call on all our elected officials to lead by example, and decline this ill-timed raise.”

The raises were approved Monday by the Civil Service Commission, which is charged by a voter-approved charter amendment to set salary levels of elected officials by incorporating such factors as cost of living increases and labor union concessions.

“The total amount saved by giving up the raises may be small compared to the deficit,” Alioto-Pier said, “but city leaders need credibility when they ask San Franciscans to make sacrifices. There have to be sacrifices at the top too.”

At least one elected official has committed to forgoing the pay hike. Board of Supervisors President David Chiu told The San Francisco Examiner he would give back the raise.


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