Meditate with Mallika Chopra 

Mallika Chopra, the daughter of author Deepak Chopra and founder of a motivational website,, will be in Union Square on Saturday helping host a group meditation session. The event runs from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

How do you feel about participating in this Saturday’s event?
I’m superexcited. I grew up meditating. I teach meditation and I really feel strongly about the power that it has. It keeps you centered, balanced and peaceful. So I think doing public meditation in the midst of a wonderful city like San Francisco is going to be really fun.

How did the opportunity to participate in this event come about? I have a company, it’s called, and basically you can think of it like Twitter with a purpose. People state their intents and support each other.

What is all about? Intent is a few years old, and it’s really a small organic company that has grown bigger and bigger. We talk about the power of stating your intents and creating the reality that you want for your life. But what’s even cooler is the community supports each other in achieving their intents.

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