Mayor Ed Lee's alter ego for Bay to Breakers — Spiderman? 

Mayor Ed Lee on Friday once again warned participants in the Zazzle Bay to Breakers to stay sober, but promised that the zany race would still be fun.

Lee encouraged people to dress up in costume. Unfortunately, Lee’s own costume was tossed in the Dumpster some time ago.

“My wife got rid of my Spiderman outfit a long time ago,” Lee said in front of reporters Friday morning.

Naturally, the comment warranted a follow-up, and after some prodding Lee admitted that the Spiderman costume was merely a joke and that he had not actually run the race dressed as Peter Parker’s superhero alter ego.

But that did get us to thinking why Lee didn’t choose another superhero to make his point. Why not Superman, Batman or the Green Lantern?

But it seems quite obvious when you think about Spiderman’s motto. Lee was thrust into The City’s most powerful position and taken the responsibility of the office to soaring popularity.

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the masked crusader knows, "With great power, there must also come great responsibility."

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