Mayor Ed Lee says he's no 'rock star,' solid 'no' for run in November 

Mayor Ed Lee told The Examiner on Wednesday that unlike his well-coiffed, coverage-hungry predecessor, he’s not a “rock star” and is “solidly in the ‘no’ column” about running for mayor in November.

Lee said he understood he has a very different style than former mayor and current Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“I think there are advantages not to be so much a rock star,” Lee said. He stressed that after being unanimously confirmed by the Board of Supervisors, he has now heard from the community that “they wanted things to get done.” Foremost on his list are the budget, pension reform, the search for a new police chief and the America’s Cup.

“I know that they want a mayor, at least for this year, to just implement those things and make sure that they’ve gotten done in the best way,” he said. “That’s what I’m all about. From day one, just rolling up the sleeves and saying, ‘I don’t want rock star stuff, I don’t want to make too many other new announcements, I want to actually carry out those promises.’”

Asked about calls in the community for him to shun his status as a “caretaker” mayor and run for election in November, Lee responded, “They can call all they want.”

“Yes, the more I hear about that, the more I have to say no,” he said. “But at the same time, I appreciate the offers, and I understand in what context ... if I can be more successful and allow people to make that offer, I feel that I’m accomplishing something. Because I have to look at the other side. If they weren’t making that offer, and I am failing, there would be an opposite story to write about.”

“It’s a great invitation, but I’m solidly in the ‘no’ column on running,” Lee said. “But I want to keep generating that excitement, because that means people are confirming that I’m still doing the job, and doing it as best I can, and they feel that.”

So does “solidly in the ‘no’ column” mean he’s definitely not running?

“I’m solidly in the ‘no’ column,” Lee reiterated, laughing.

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