Mayor Ed Lee right to drop stop-and-frisk 

Mayor Ed Lee has dropped his proposal to bring a New York-style or any other type of stop-and-frisk policy to San Francisco, and that is good for the civil rights of everyone here.

The mayor proposed the idea as violence, especially in the southeastern portion of The City, heated up at the beginning of summer. The proposal was widely opposed by city officials and community members. In other cities, stop-and-frisk has been attacked for targeting minorities and young men from socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

Instead of trying to cast a wide net to bring down gun violence, police will instead be targeting hundreds of known criminals — a plan that makes more sense. Just as Lee himself said during a Board of Supervisors meeting, the community needs to feel empowered by the solutions to end violence.

Stop-and-frisk obviously did not do that.

Lee should not be criticized for his concern about the deadly violence that is plaguing the southeastern portion of The City.

But next time, he should start the conversation with the community and the police force about what to do instead of trumpeting a proposal that does more to divide the community than to bring it together to solve problems.

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