Matthews is wrong, the 'Tea' in Tea Party stands for 'Taxed Enough Already' 

Chris Matthews tried again to smear conservatives in a documentary airing on MSNBC titled, "Rise of the New Right." In the promo clips and interviews for the show, Matthews attempts to link radical Michigan militiamen with the expanding and increasingly more powerful Tea Party. Matthews insists, "For the first time in our lives, the government of the United States is being treated by its enemies as a tyranny. They are waving the flag of the revolution against the government, the honestly elected government in Washington. They are referring to the president of the United States as not legitimate."

Was he living under a rock when every Tom, Dick and Harry on the left was questioning the legitimacy of the Bush White House? I remember driving north on I-75 from a family vacation in Florida and seeing billboards blaming President Bush for the unprecedented hurricane season that had just ravished the state. AS IF Bush could actually have controlled the weather, don't you really think he would have steered Hurricane Katrina right into Venezuala?

The New York Times published this blog post last week, "The Very Angry Tea Party" by J.M. Bernstein, a University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research.  It is a long and rambling indictment accusing the Tea Party crowd as being a bunch of fantastical nihilists.

Nihilists? I strongly disagree. Every movement has fringe members. 

But the media will not cease its assault on the 'amorphous' members of the Tea Party painting them as militiamen organizing in secret forests all over the country planning to destroy Obama's presidency and the Democratic party with guns and a radical fundamentalist ideology. 

Funny thing is the Tea Party has the left scared out of their wits and it isn't with guns or fundamentalism.

I am sure their are a few fringers mixed in, but the 'Tea Partiers' that I have met are grandmas and moms sick to death of watching Washington politicians take away their hard-earned cash to fund monstorously expansive health care plans, stimulus packages, and line the pockets of Wall Street, failing banks, and dying car companies.

A friend of my mother's is now in her sixties, never been involved in politics, and now drives all over the southeast to every event she can reach in time to participate in the only political movement she feels represents her views. Growing up she voted that famed straight blue dog Democratic ticket in every election. As an adult she moved toward the Republican candidates. As a retiree, she now feels no one represents her values and wants to stop the corruption and greed in Washington.

She doesn't belong to a fundamentalist sect. She doesn't carry a gun. She doesn't belong to a militia. And she isn't concerned with abortion, religion, or overthrowing the federal government.

In other words, she is nothing like Bill Ayers or the Michigan militiamen.

Over lunch with my aunt and uncle last week this topic came up. My aunt attended the Tea Party rally in Washington. She is a mother of two, a homemaker, an avid football fan and excellent southern cook. My uncle, an attorney and Sunday school teacher, asked, "Do you know what the 'Tea' in Tea Party stands for?" Indeed, we all regaled him with descriptions of the Boston Tea Party as if he had never heard of it. "Yeah, yeah. It stands for Taxed Enough Already," he said. 

My aunt, Cindy Bitting, elaborated on the folks she met at the D.C. rally, "Our neighbors, a retired school teacher, a retired banker, and a daughter that is a medical doctor. They attend every one of the tea party rallies in Augusta, and when she was doing her residency in Alabama, they sent me pictures of the tea party that they attended in Mobile. And they are definitely your American Dream family." Cindy explains, "Most of the people at the rally in DC were family people. Probably more couples, but we saw many complete families with small children and teenage children. I think that most of the people there were people that are completely fed up with the government interference in their lives and have decided to speak up about it. In the past it is very rare for conservatives to take a stand in a formal protest. But, these people feel that they are watching their government move in and take control of every aspect of their lives, and it is time to speak up and try and take control again." 

Pretty simple stuff. But not what drives media coverage. It makes too much sense and doesn't support their agenda.

Folks are angry that they have watched their life savings dwindle as the fat-cats in Washington gorge, spend, gorge, spend. Their mission statement puts forth three simple concepts: fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets.

They have just had enough! Taxed Enough Already! Taxed so that Congress can spend more than $12 million in overseas travel to the Galapagos Islands and the Paris Air Show. Taxed so that Congress can continue earmarks and kickbacks for their districts. Taxed so that Congress can spend $31,406 per household in 2010. 

Will this ever end?

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