Massachusetts was the most partisan state in the country 

To put Brown's win in perspective, consider this: Measured by elected officials, no state is more mono-partisan than Massachusetts.


  • All 10 congressmen are Democrats.
  • Both Senators (for now) are Democrats.
  • Both chambers of the legislature are controlled by Democrats.
  • The governor is a Democrat.
  • The lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and state auditor are all Democrats.
  • The only chink in the armor is independent state treasurer Tim Cahill.


I'll admit New York is getting close, but you won't find a Red or a Blue state so uniform: Utah and Idaho have Democratic congressmen, Wyoming and Oklahoma have Democratic governors, Nebraska has a Democratic senator, and Oklahoma has a Democratic governor. On the other side, California, Connecticut, and Vermont have Republican governors, and Oregon has one Republican congressman.

This is the Bluest of Blue states.

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