Mass. Republican candidate Scott Brown crushing opponent on Facebook and Twitter 

Dave Wedge at the Boston Herald noted on Sunday that State Sen. Scott Brown was beating Attorney General Martha Coakley in the social media battle.

The numbers have skyrocketed, however, since the race has drawn more national attention.

Currently Brown has 35,001 fans supporters on Facebook, gaining 10,000 since Sunday, while Coakley has 8,568 fans.

The Facebook "Women for Brown” group has 1,677 fans, while the “Women for Coakley” group has only 83.

On Twitter, Brown has 6,550 followers while Coakley has just 2,593

This suggests that Republicans, long envious of Barack Obama's successful social media outreach, will continue to have the upper hand in 2010.

Last year Bob McDonnell's social media outreach was far superior to his opponent for Virginia Governor Creigh Deed, who used his Twitter feed to post self-pitying song lyrics as the campaign drew to a close.
These kinds of numbers are not just a sign of who has the most money to buy the smartest social media guru, rather, its a reflection of which party is more motivated this election cycle.

It's obvious that a competitive Republican candidate in Massachusetts is drawing droves of enthusiastic supporters.

Having more Twitter followers, however, is not an indication that you are going  to win an election, but it is clearly a barometer demonstrating  the candidate with the most momentum.?

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