Mar’s ‘Daily Show’ bit a tasty treat 

The supervisor who spearheaded The City’s famous Happy Meal ban got Mar-red on Comedy Central’s Daily Show on Monday.

Supervisor Eric Mar drew laughs, but the joke was on him during an interview on John Stewart’s comedy news show. The show poked fun at legislation in The City banning toys in meals for children unless they meet specific nutritional standards. The law takes effect in December.

Mar looked the part of the dim and flustered politician during the interview. When asked what he thought about a hypothetical law forcing Netflix to send every parent in The City the documentary “Supersize Me,” a film critical about fast food, Mar’s answer did not come off well.

“We have no power to force Netflix or a private company like that to change a business practice,” Mar said.

He even said it twice.

“So on one hand you feel like we can’t do that, and on the other hand you are doing that?” the interviewer said.

When Mar attempted to explain himself, he stumbled hard on his words, struggling to land on “equitability.” He then shut his eyes and winced, seeming to give up. The interviewer then feigned shock for laughs.

Mar wasn’t the only politician punked in the segment. Mayor Gavin Newsom, also interviewed about the ban, said he opposed it because it is “not the role for government to decide what’s in the best interest of kids. It’s the role of parents to decide.”

How did the interviewer respond to that?

“You are really good looking,” he told the mayor. The full clip is below.


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