Man who threw paint at former BART GM among 35 arrested Monday 

Gabriel Meyers, the Oakland man who was jailed after throwing paint on former BART general manager Dorothy Dugger, was among 35 people arrested Monday during the latest protests against the beleaguered transit agency.

The majority of the protestors were cited on misdemeanor measures of blocking traffic and failure to obey traffic orders, according to official records released today by the San Francisco Police Department. One man, 27-year-old Oakland resident Ryan Ragle, was arrested on a felony charge of possessing or manufacturing a fire bomb for his role in lighting a flammable substance on Market Street on Monday. Two other people were booked into county jail because they didn’t have identification on them.

Of the 35 people arrested, 24 were from Oakland or San Francisco. Their ages ranged from 56-year-old Jeffrey Auman to a 17-year-old, the only juvenile arrested during the event.

Meyers, 34, who threw paint at Dugger during a BART board meeting in 2009 in protest of the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant, was arrested for resisting arrest, blocking traffic and failure to obey traffic orders.

Protests against BART have taken place since July 3, when two members of the agency’s police department shot and killed 45-year-old Charles Hill, a homeless man. The events have ramped up since Aug. 11, when the agency admitted it shut down cell phone service in its stations to quell an attempted protest.

Despite a pledge by the agency to only shut down cell phone service in the case of extreme emergencies, the protests are likely to continue.


35 arrests

The list of protesters arrested, their date of birth, and city and state of residence. One name was withheld due to being a minor.

  • Samson, H., Morrison, 1/30/1974, San Francisco, CA
  • David, C., Batzell, 5/29/1985, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Nicholas, A., Nydam, 12/10/1991, Las Lunas, NM
  • Blake, E., Trisler, 12/3/1988, Oakland, CA
  • Ryan, T., Ragle, 2/23/1984, Oakland, CA
  • Kelly, K.M., Taylor, 12/6/1972, San Francisco, CA
  • Kathryn, W., Degraaf, 2/11/1987, Oakland, CA
  • Christa, K., Sadler, 12/2/1978, San Francisco, CA
  • Dominic, J., Pottker, 4/29/1988, Berkeley, CA
  • Celeste, A., Obomsawin, 1/10/1978, Oakland, CA
  • Mohammed, Arsalai, 11/24/1981, Oakland, CA
  • Kimani, P., Rigmaiden, 12/10/1991, Castro Valley, CA
  • Philip, J.R., Lonsdale, 3/7/1987, Los Angeles, CA
  • Eric, E., Desouza, 4/4/1982, Fremont, CA
  • Gregory, M., Fernandez, 6/5/1984, Oakland, CA
  • Brian, J., Donovan, 11/12/1989, Pleasant Hill, CA
  • David, P., Madden, 9/13/1973, San Francisco, CA
  • Ryan, C., Jeter, 12/8/1982, Richmond, CA
  • Alonso, Izquierdo, 11/23/1992, San Francisco, CA
  • Pierre, J., Lucas, 2/9/1988, San Francisco, CA
  • Amanda, K., Brown, 4/25/1985, San Francisco, CA
  • Robert, Benson, 9/11/1973, San Francisco, CA
  • Kamaka, Patrick, 8/27/1992, San Francisco, CA
  • Geoffrey, W., Faubion, 11/2/1974, Reno, NV
  • Brandon, J., Gilbert, 3/9/1991, San Francisco, CA
  • Ryan, L., Marcel, 10/29/1990, San Francisco, CA
  • Robert, G., Echevarria, 10/12/1988, Portland, OR
  • Sean, M., Yarbrough, 1/18/1987, San Francisco, CA
  • Luke, B., Belz, 2/18/1993, San Francisco, CA
  • Jeffrey, E., Auman, 6/3/1955, San Francisco, CA
  • Gabriel, M., Meyers, 6/6/1977, Oakland, CA
  • Quincey, L., Carr, 5/29/1984, Oakland, CA
  • Jennifer, Boatright, 3/4/1988, Portland, OR
  • Cameron, Aoki, 7/23/1992, San Francisco, CA

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