Man puts brakes on 80-year-old woman’s sexual advances 

This driver won’t take Miss Daisy.

An Excelsior man who’d been driving an 80-year-old woman to church says he had to stop attending mass because of the woman’s constant sexual advances, police said.

The 51-year-old man called cops on Monday after the elderly woman threatened over the phone to “come over and bust his head” for rejecting repeated sex requests, according to police at Ingleside Station.

The man told cops the church pastor asked him if he could drive the woman to church. The man agreed, but he said the 80-year-old woman was hoping for another kind of ride.

“After a little bit, she started hitting on him,” police said.

He grew so tired of her advances that he stopped going to church for two months. But the woman started to call him and say “that she wanted to please him sexually,” police said.

She remained persistent in trying to get him on a date, police said.

The man called police around 9:50 a.m. Monday after she threatened him, hoping an intervention would be the difference between the morgue and a Freeman.

Cops are attempting stop the harassing phone calls.

“She still has that zeal for life,” an Ingleside police officer said, “but is going about it in the wrong way.”

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