Make BART system serve entire Bay Area 

Regional and state transportation planners should immediately prepare to bring BART around San Francisco Bay to connect all nine counties in one comprehensive transit system. This would dramatically reduce BART commute times and alleviate congestion on our highways.

Duplicate routes and transportation systems should be eliminated. So Caltrain would terminate and BART would be extended from Millbrae to Santa Clara and then connect to Alameda. Using Caltrain revenue and assets would fund this construction.

Housing is much cheaper in non-BART Sonoma, Solano and Napa counties. But the two-hour-plus commute and absence of a true nine-county transit system prevents purchase of this affordable housing. Killing the high-speed-rail boondoggle and using a fraction of those tens of billions of dollars to fix Bay Area regional transportation needs is a far better use of limited taxpayer dollars.

Mike Brown, Burlingame

Bin Laden deserved death

What’s the difference if Osama bin Laden was armed or not? His murderous minions have their hands on the trigger 24 hours a day. Bin Laden did not deserve the courtesy of normal rules of engagement. As for SEALs Team 6, the members won’t be undefiled by our enemies for many years, but they are true heroes of the day. It was good timing by President Barack Obama. Now if he could apply the same skill and luck to the rest of America’s problems we might have something.  And, oh yes, thank you too, Mr. Bush.

Theodore Carl Soderberg, San Francisco

Plenty left to deal with

Hopefully folks don’t think we have another “mission accomplished.” However, at least bin Laden didn’t die of old age as so many other organized-crime figures do. Still, for years he appears to have lived in the lap of secluded luxury. And we are still following policies that allow guys like him to gain supporters and prosper.

Mike Caggiano, San Mateo

Hey, what about Bush?

After 10 years of hunting, we did it: Osama bin Laden is in fact dead. Undoubtedly, President Barack Obama will take credit for this monumental achievement, although this victory clearly belongs to President George W. Bush.

Make no mistake, bin Laden and the monster Saddam Hussein are no longer threats to humanity, thanks to Bush.

The murderous jihadists will undoubtedly launch reprisals now, so this does not end our war — it may even kick it up a notch. Watching news video of Americans dancing and chanting in the streets was reminiscent of the scene across the Middle East 10 years ago, when so many cheered the work of bin Laden on Sept. 11, 2001. So let’s celebrate for a moment and then focus once again on the mission still before us.

Barry Bradley, San Francisco

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