Majority of millenials favor free enterprise, say more regulation will harm economy, Marist Poll finds 

Fifty-three percent of America's youngest voters - the Millenials aged 18-29 - favor a free enterprise approach to solving America's economic problems and fear that more government regulation will hurt the economy, according to a new survey conducted for the Knights of Columbus by the Marist Poll.

Overall, 55 percent of all Americans favor a free enterprise approach and fear more government regulation of the economy. The percentage for the next oldest demographic, the Gen Xers, is barely a majority at 51 percent, but among Baby Boomers, 56 percent agree with those views.

At 61 percent, the percentage is highest among members of the Greatest Generation, the parents of the Baby Boomers and grand parents of the Millenials.

Majorities of all four demographics also agree that the country is headed in the wrong direction on moral issues. The biggest majorities were among Greatest Generation respondents at 71 percent, with 69 percent of Boomers and 65 percent of Gen Xers agreeing. Sixty percent of the Millenials said the country is headed in the wrong direction on moral issues.

For complete survey findings, go to The Knights of Columbus’ website.

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