Lynn Bloom retires with grace 

In her 33 years working for the San Francisco Police Department, Lynn Bloom, the police services aide has done and seen a lot. She most recently worked answering phones and taking reports at Central Station, but just retired.

You work for the Police Department but you are not an officer? I’m a police services aide. I have no power of arrest — or no different than any other civilian — and I do not carry a gun, but I pretty much can do everything else that a police officer does.

Why didn’t you ever decide to just become a cop? First, I don’t like guns. I don’t like dirty people or dirty houses, and I don’t like blood or guts. More importantly, the only reason I took this was I worked in City Hall for a federally funded civil-service position where we could only make $10,000 a year. I used to go look at the job listings and this job was being tested for.

Where have you worked? I’ve worked here for 33 years, so I’ve been everywhere. I’ve been at Central for three years. I did 14 years for the FRET unit — the Fugitive Recovery Enforcement Team, where we went for wanted parolees. I’ve worked at Northern Station, Richmond Station, juvenile, missing persons. I worked out of Teleserve way back in the day. I worked on burglaries, I worked out of the communications office — I’ve been everywhere.

Any good stories? So many. You laugh a lot here because everything is so sordid and seedy. There’s a lot of things you laugh about that other people wouldn’t find so funny. — Katie Worth

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