Lowlights of the week 

Remember that airline commercial that asks “Want to get away?” for those embarrassing moments in life. In the internet age, there is no getting away when somebody comes up with a truly dumb, ridiculous or just plain bad idea.

Secrecy, the sequel
1| Transparency pledge falls short

The details: President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security was accused Thursday of retaliating against a whistleblower who told the inspector general that the president’s political appointees interfere with responses to Freedom of Information Act requests and congressional inquiries.

Double whammy
2| Libya’s economy spirals amid flagging rebellion

The details: Libya’s currency lost 30 percent of its value in two weeks, adding to the country’s increasing woes. Among the 280,000 who have fled the country in the current violence are many foreign oil workers essential to running the industry.

Futile demands
3| Bahrain leader calls for crackdown

The details: U.S. officials are calling on Bahrain’s government to hold a dialogue with pro-democracy protestors, but police in Bahrain have arrested so many of them that there is no one left to hold a dialogue with, the Washington Post reported.

Off the rails
4| Biden Station way over budget

The details: A $20 million stimulus project to renovate and rename a Delaware train station after Vice President Biden has gone more than 25 percent over budget. President Obama had designated Biden to oversee the spending of stimulus money.

‘Blood money’
5| U.S. had to pay off Pakistanis

The details: The U.S. paid $2.3 million in “blood money” to the families of two dead Pakistani men to secure the release of CIA consultant Raymond Davis. Davis says he shot the pair because they had a gun and were carjacking him.

OD’d on OT
6| Over budget on overtime

The details: Metro spent $49 million on overtime in just the first seven months of the current fiscal year, and is on track to exceed last year’s record $73 million. The overtime payments average out to about $7,000 per Metro employee.

7| D.C. mayor fires top aide

The details: D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray fired his chief of staff, Gerri Mason Hall, as concern mounted over scandals in his administration. Congress is investigating allegations that Gray offered Sulaimon Brown a $110,000 city job for attacking his opponent during the campaign.
Yoga shop murder
8| Co-worker held in brutal crime

The details: Montgomery police arrested Brittany Norwood, 27, in the death of 30-year-old Jayna Murray, her co-worker at Bethesda Row yoga shop Lululemon Athletica.

Not on time
9| Dulles Rail running late

The details: The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority now says that Dulles Rail will open in 2017 — a year later than planned. MWAA is still deciding whether to locate the new Metro station away from the terminal to save money.

Not in class
10| Thousands of truants

The details: D.C. police say they’ve picked up 4,705 truants during the current school year. Many of the youngsters were caught committing crimes, including burglary. About 20 percent had ditched school several times in the past.

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