Love the T-Paw you’re with 

The Corner‘s Stanley Kurtz is tired of conservative bellyaching over the existing GOP field. Under the header “This is Your Pawlenty Wake-Up Call” he writes:

I’ve never bought into the silly stereotype that conservatives are stupid, at least not until watching the GOP’s recent handling of it’s own presidential field. … Tim Pawlenty is a great candidate. It’s just plain nuts not to see this, emphasize it, and take advantage of it. Instead of pining away for Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, or Scott Walker to enter the race, why not wake up and recognize that Tim Pawlenty has already got everything the GOP is looking for — with two successful gubernatorial terms worth of experience to boot. What’s not to like?

Well, the energy mandates he signed into law as governor come to mind.

That said, T-Paw does have a solid record and is completely capable of beating President Obama. But Team T-Paw is pushing around this Kurtz post a little too hard. The candidate himself even tweeted it out.

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