Looking for a real choice in District 5 

A year ago we had a “caretaker” mayor selected through Huey Long-style backroom negotiations. Although Ed Lee had staunchly maintained that he did not desire to be mayor, through a series of convoluted machinations we have been set up to have him for another four years.

A year later and it’s deja vu all over again. No community forums have been held to hear who we, residents of District 5, want to replace supervisor turned Sheriff-elect Ross Mirkarimi. It will be a sad day for San Francisco if any of the names floated so far were to be appointed. Phil Ginsburg has mismanaged the parks and exhibited the most incredible arrogance towards taxpayers. And Christina Olague, who served as the Run, Ed, Run campaign co-chairwoman, has a clear conflict of interest.

Will Lee have the integrity to support someone who will work for our best interests, instead of appointing yet another sock puppet for vested interests? Don’t hold your breath.

Harry S. Pariser
San Francisco

Muni failed on New Year’s

It was a nice gesture by Muni to offer free rides and extended hours on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, they didn’t follow through. When the festivities ended, there were hardly any lines running, and those buses were few and far between, stranding hordes of riders. What seemed like a great idea turned into a cruel hoax.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

Don’t vilify dog owners

We often hear complaints about one group or another. They’re usually identified as selfish and inconsiderate, not like the rest of us. A Dec. 28 letter, “Many dog owners think SF is a toilet,” attacked people with dogs. Divisive rhetoric that demonizes every member of a group does not solve problems, although it may sell newspapers.

Part of living in today’s urban society is understanding that we must share our parks and our city with a lot of different people. You should always be considerate of others, whether you have a dog or not. Part of being a responsible dog owner is always picking up after your dog.

There has not been a single case of a human illness from dog feces in San Francisco in more than 60 years. But we should still pick up. It’s common courtesy. We can all get along, even people with and without dogs.

Sally Stephens
Dog Owners Group
San Francisco

Conservative voice sought

Thank you, San Francisco Examiner, for five years of a refreshingly different editorial viewpoint. All good things must come to an end. The liberals now control all the Bay Area print media. Now we’ll have splendid reporting on crime in the streets instead of crime in the state Capitol, or in City Hall or the unions. Now The SF Examiner can join the gushing chorus for President Barack Obama and the Democrats along with the rest of the collective hive occupying Wall Street and the newsrooms of the rest of the Bay Area newspapers. Thanks for the memories.

J. Paul Mayson
San Jose

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