‘London Calling’ inspires Spanish Bombs 

Spanish Bombs is the name of local Americana guitarist Chuck Prophet’s new side project with power-popper Chris Von Sneidern, and it’s definitely a double-entendre.

It’s not only a song title from the historic Clash masterpiece “London Calling” (which the group will be performing live, note for note, at The City’s Great American Music Hall on Jan. 29). It’s also a sly allusion to the promoters in Spain who first commissioned the concept piece.

“They have an annual festival over there and they curate stuff like this,” explains Prophet, checking in with us last week as he was packing his bags for a 12-date Spanish tour. “And I really wouldn’t have been able to do any other record, because I don’t have a connection to any others.”

Von Sneidern will sing Mick Jones’ parts, while gravelly growler Prophet will handle the deeper Joe Strummer register.

“‘London Calling’ is everything to me,” declares Prophet, “because prior to that, punk rock was pretty narrowly defined. But after that album, it showed that anything was possible. It taught everybody how to embrace the music around them, whether it was country music or even disco. So — like a remake of a movie — we’re not gonna mess with the ending or tinker with it!”

For more information, visit www.chuckprophet.com and www.gamhtickets.com.

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