Liotta: It’s make or break time for Bay Area teams 

Tough week ahead for the equilibrium.

Can the Bay Area sports fan put his or her faith in the Giants’ start? The Sharks’ finish? The 49ers’ future? Or a consolation prize to a miserable Warriors’ recent past?

No Major League Baseball team got off to a more effective start than the Giants. Everything their fans wondered about has lined up perfectly. They’ve scored runs, fielded the ball and whittled out victories around the arms of Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, even Barry Zito.

Its even felt as if AT&T Park was actually going to be a place to be in 2010.

How long can this team keep this up? Six months is a long time to carry Aaron Rowand. A long time for Edgar Renteria to drink from the Fountain of Youth. For Zito to turn back the clock.

At the other end of the spectrum sit the Sharks, who make us wonder if the past six months were a mirage.

The best record in the Western Conference. Second-best in the league. Fact or fiction now that the playoffs have arrived?

At whose doorstep sits disappointment? Detroit again? Colorado this time? Or Chicago, where the once-again invincible Blackhawks believe an appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals goes through the Windy City.

When it comes to painful sports moments, Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, and the Sharks playing playoff hockey are pretty much neck-and-neck for the top prize.

Eyes closed. Breath held. Lucky charms at the ready. It’s the only way to cope with a Sharks playoff run.
Here’s hoping 2010 is different.

This year definitely will be different at the NFL draft, which now enters the dramatic territory of “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Biggest Loser.” Thanks to a prime-time Thursday night slot and a Radio City Music Hall backdrop, the NFL officially stamps the draft as Show Biz.

Thankfully, the draft allows the drama asking who will win “The Amazing Race” for Tim Tebow will finally — thankfully — come to an end.

Enough Internet space has been wasted by the never-ending saga of the University of Florida quarterback and his new windup that I’m betting Tebow fatigue is running neck-and-neck with Tiger fatigue.

Is there another team who goes into the draft more quietly than the 49ers? Free of the distraction of a general manager, the Niners have been noticeably absent from the NFL headlines trumpeting new addresses for Brandon Marshall or Santonio Holmes.

The Niners appear to have nothing but two first-round draft picks to brag about. Please, oh please, let one of the four premiere offensive tackles be on the board when the Niners make their first pick.

And, please, oh please, here’s hoping the NBA’s Rookie of the Year voters have stayed up late enough to witness the carnage we call the Warriors, because out of it has jumped the jaw-dropping emergence of Stephen Curry.

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