Lindsay Lohan: ‘Witch hunt’ motivates prosecutor 

Lindsay Lohan has become notorious for her legal troubles — but the starlet believes her woes are due to a “witch hunt” on the part of the prosecution, TMZ sources say.

The “Mean Girls” star has been sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating her probation, and faces a trial for theft starting June 3.

And she is convinced that the deputy DA prosecuting the case, who is running for the office of L.A. County District Attorney, is using her high-profile case for free publicity.

However, this conspiracy theory may not hold water. The prosecutor actually asked to be removed from the case when the charge that LiLo stole a necklace was downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor. The judge denied the request.

Lindsay, who maintains she did not steal the necklace, is appealing her sentence. Her camp had advised her to accept a plea bargain, but the actress insisted on proving her innocence with a trial.

Copycat Bride?

For newlywed LeAnn Rimes, being married is evidently quite novel — she tweeted Sunday that it was her “first Easter as a WIFE!” (Never mind that she was Mrs. Dean Sheremet for eight years.) But for husband Eddie Cibrian, the Friday night nuptials might have evoked a sense of déja vù. A friend tells Us magazine the wedding had some striking similarities to his first one.

When the actor tied the knot with Brandi Glanville, mother of his two sons, in 2001, they “also got married in the spring at the beach,” as he did with the country singer.

And LeAnn’s choice of a gown designer wasn’t original. “Brandi wore Reem Acra at her wedding to Eddie too,” pointed out the source.

Pure Rage?

It’s kind of an axiom in Hollywood that the A-listers are humble and down-to-earth, while the relative unknowns are the ones who give out “Do you know who I am?!” diva attitude. Case in point: Olivia Munn, an actress best known for her segments as a “Daily Show” correspondent, reportedly felt the need to put some fellow partyers in their place outside Las Vegas hot spot Pure.

According to a New York Daily News source, the “Perfect Couples” star was leaving the club in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, when she approached a group of “about four others, both men and women,” and “started yelling and swearing.”

The source claims Olivia declared that her own “career will go on,” but the stunned folks she was fuming at were “going to have to kiss people’s” — er, derrieres — “for the rest of [their] lives!”

A rep explained that Olivia was reacting to an incident inside the club, when someone attempted to “manhandle” one of her friends.

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