Lindsay could face jail, hostile Sam Ronson 

Lindsay Lohan has only been out of rehab since Monday, and already her life is full of drama.

First of all, the Palm Desert Police Department believes that the “Mean Girls” star violated her probation in a December altercation with a Betty Ford staffer (who was promptly fired for talking to the press).

According to TMZ’s sources, the department believes Lindsay was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, though her lawyer insists, “I had numerous conversations with Betty Ford counselors and doctors and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs. Her discharge letter is totally consistent with that.”

Be that as it may, if she is found guilty of violating her probation, she could go to jail.

And along with her legal woes, the starlet is also in hot water with Samantha Ronson, who was upset when she found out that her ex-girlfriend’s new apartment is literally next door to hers, TMZ reports. The site’s sources say LiLo is insisting to pals she didn’t realize Sam’s place was so close — suuuure she didn’t — and is now considering moving to “keep the peace,” though she’s loath to break her lease.

Well, if she does go to prison, that would certainly solve that problem.

Fast Getaway

Did Justin Bieber’s mom join him in St. Lucia after he was busted smooching Selena Gomez? The tween icon is now vacationing with mother Pattie Mallette, but a report claims that’s because his romantic getaway with the Disney star was thwarted by a tweet — prompting a parental unit to fly in and check up on him.

“Justin and Selena arrived on a private jet together from Atlanta with friends and his manager,” a source relayed to the New York Post. “They then took a helicopter together to the resort, where they stayed in two villas and celebrated New Year’s Eve. They were determined to stay unseen, but someone posted a view of the resort on Twitter. Selena left on Jan. 2, leaving Justin alone with his bodyguard, in time for his mom to arrive.”

A rep counters, “No picture was ever posted on Twitter. Pattie Mallette is on a scheduled vacation with her son. All is well in paradise.”

We’re unsure whether “paradise” refers to St. Lucia or simply being in the presence of The Bieb.

Eva’s New Guy

Is Eva Longoria moving from Wisteria Lane to Cougar Town? The “Desperate Housewives” star, fresh from her split with hubby Tony Parker, is healing her wounds with the help of Eduardo Cruz, a Spanish pop singer 10 years her junior (you may have heard of his sister Penelope).

On Christmas Eve, the pair were spotted together — barefoot — in Eva’s garage. “They were clearly very comfortable with each other,” a rather invasive source relays to OK! magazine. “They started to rummage around in Eva’s Range Rover, getting some bags out.”

And apparently this was no one-night stand. “He’s there at least three nights out of every four — he turns up and he leaves the next morning,” dishes the insider.

“They are trying desperately to stay beneath the radar,” says the source. Well, you sure ruined that for them, didn’t you?

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