Liberals: Some in reality today, others in la-la-land 

La-la-land in today's Boston Globe editorial:

Brown’s strong win does not negate the resounding mandate that President Obama and Democrats in Congress received in 2008 to address escalating health costs, which are strangling businesses while pricing coverage beyond the reach of tens of millions of Americans. Both houses of Congress have already passed credible reform bills. At this point, President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should bring the legislative process to a close by pushing House members to pass the Senate version. Any necessary amendments can be addressed in the budget bill, which isn’t subject to the filibuster.

Mandate? What mandate?

Here is a more realistic position, from liberal Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y.:

Weiner ridiculed House Democratic leaders for holding a meeting to brief House Democrats on negotiations with the White House on a health care bill, telling reporters, "They're talking as if, 'What our deal is, what our negotiators are at the White House' -- yeah, and then the last line is, 'Pigs fly out of my ass' ... it's just, we've got to recognize we are in an entirely different scenario."

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