Liberals have lost support in Mass. and nationwide 

A new poll conducted for Politico suggests that Democrat Martha Coakley is fading badly at the end of today's Massachusetts Senate special election:

A new InsiderAdvantage poll conducted exclusively for POLITICO shows Republican Scott Brown surging to a nine-point advantage over Martha Coakley a day before Massachusetts voters trek to the ballot box to choose a new senator.

According to the survey conducted Sunday evening, Brown leads the Democratic attorney general 52 percent to 43 percent.

Other polls are similarly unkind to Coakley. Research 2000, the last respected pollster to show a Coakley lead (of eight points), now shows the race tied.

Most ominously for liberals and Democrats, Americans in other parts of the country want Brown to win, and by a very large, 15-point margin, according to pollster Scott Rasmussen. Part of it must have to do with the fact that President Obama's health care bill now suffers overwhelming 56 percent opposition and enjoys only 38 percent support.

Liberal Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., may not have learned the appropriate lessons, though. He said on Morning Joe this hour that Democrats could have avoided this fate by just going all the way and creating a single-payer health insurance system. "The president is doing good things incrementally, but we in Congress are taking our lumps every step of the way."

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