Liberal pundits and bloggers lament Weiner's decision to resign 

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) is resigning according to recent reports, following the 3-week long “weinergate" scandal. But some of his staunchest defenders are not happy with his decision. 

Alan Colmes during on interview on FOX:

“I’m not condoning his behavior but I really think that is has nothing to do with whether he is a good congressman. I want someone in office, not to be my moral guide, but I want someone who is going to vote the way I want them to vote. And if he is capable of doing his job and didn’t break the law and if he didn’t do anything illegal with underage girls then it is a shame he would have to step down from his job on a personal matter like this.”


Blogger Chris Smith at the NYmag: "There are plenty of cheap psychoanalyses on the web and in the papers trying to explain his recent behavior; I’m not qualified to add anything on that front. What I do know is that Weiner loved this city, he loved politics, and he had the talent to use the latter to make the former a better place. Somewhere along the line that regular guy drinking a beer in Staten Island got lost. But we’ve all lost something with Anthony Weiner’s political demise.

John Marshall on Talking Points Memos“I get that it's icky and makes people cringe. But c'mon. I've been following congressional scandals for 15 years. And my God in the grand scheme of things this is pretty silly compared to the levels of wrongdoing, thievery and vicious behavior we've all seen. And that disconnect -- the most insistent and open demands for resignation ever compared to one of the silliest scandals ever -- just doesn't sit right with me. Especially when, last time we checked at least, his constituents did not want him to resign.”

Greg Sargent on the Washington Post: "But look — even if there’s no defending Weiner, you can’t escape the fact that the weeks-long journalistic obsession with his lewd acts was a profoundly dispiriting spectacle on many level."

Laurence Lewis on the Daily Kos: 

“Congratulations to the White House and the House Democratic leadership! Anthony Weiner will resign.

Bush will not be investigated for lying us into war, authorizing torture, and spying on American citizens; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Cheney will not be investigated for lying us into war, authorizing torture, and spying on American citizens; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Rumsfeld will not be investigated for lying us into war and authorizing torture; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Rice will not be investigated for lying us into war; but Anthony Weiner will resign. 

Clarence Thomas will not be investigated for rank corruption; but Anthony Weiner will resign.

Justice has been served.

And now we can get back to what really matters, right?



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