Liberal logic: Conservative congressman a shill for Big Business, as proved by Big Business's opposition to his spending cuts 

The Center for American Progress's blogs is a treasure trove of unhinged conspiracy theories, silly partisanship, and downright absurdity. Today, CAP calls on a guest blogger to dish up the incoherent name-calling (by the way, the fact they call this polemic blog "WonkRoom" should offend wonks everywhere).

Blogger Kristen Bartoloni writes about an amendment by freshman Rep. Mike Pompeo, whom she tags "(R-Koch)." (By the way, I don't blame people for finding that little (R-___) or (D-___) joke clever -- I used to think it was clever until a liberal friend of mine pointed out how tired it is.)

But the Koch angle here, and throughout the blog post, is meant to convey that Pompeo's proposed spending cuts represent his shilling for Big Business. The amendment in question would cut funding for a Greenhouse Gas Registry. My first question: was Pompeo shilling for Big Business when he proposed cuts to the Pentagon procurement budget? Or maybe he just thinks government needs to be cut.

But the CAP post gets better:

Despite the Koch-approved rhetoric, even fellow Republicans found the bill to be poorly crafted. Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID) – who apparently is incredibly frightened by the EPA’s quest to keep our air clean — originally supported the amendment, but after talking to businesses, decided to vote nay, because the business community “told him the greenhouse gas registry was a useful compliance tool for them.” [Emphasis added.]

If you read my material with any regularity, you know why many businesses like greenhouse gas regulation -- because they profit off of it.

So think of CAP's logic: Pompeo, a consistent spending cutter, moves to kill funding for a program that clashes with his views, and he's a shill. Simpson opposes the bill because business told him to, and he's a saint?

I see this reasoning all the time: Opponents of Cap & Trade (or some other government intervention) are not only Big Business shills, they're also anti-business! I need a name for this ploy. Maybe "having your corporatism and eating it, too."

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