Letters: Where will tourists park? 

➤ “Richmond puts out welcome mat,” The City, Thursday

Where will tourists park?

I appreciated Laura Dudnick’s story in your paper about the Richmond, but both she and the San Francisco Travel Association have failed to answer the No. 1 question in the minds of at least 50 percent of our visitors: “Where are we going to park?”

J.O. Bugental

San Francisco

➤ “Davis’ holdout from 49ers minicamp is a selfish act,” Sports, Thursday

Davis deserves to negotiate

Mychael Urban should have prefaced his column with a 49ers logo.

It is obviously a piece prompted by the front office meant to disparage any athlete who dares to ask for more money.

Vernon Davis is one of the most durable and capable football players in the NFL, and since the NFL Players Association does not bargain collectively for players’ salaries, it is perfectly normal for Davis to ask for more money or better conditions on his own.

We all know Urban gets free meals in the press box, maybe free tickets for family and friends and, who knows, maybe his article will give him more access for key interviews.

When is the last time he complained about the price of seats and concessions?

Charles M. Minster

San Francisco

Cheap shots at football star

Mychael Urban’s roast of Vernon Davis is a cheap shot.

Davis is a terrific individual, a terrific team player and a humanitarian. He is more than “fairly intelligent,” although I would have a hard time putting that label on Urban.

How about leaving sports legends and true supporters of our community alone to do their professional business as they see fit?

I find that commenting on the intelligence of a very intelligent black athlete is a comment that crosses the line.

Peter Magadini


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