Letters: Too many mistakes by city 

"Repairs requested before fatal fire," The City, Tuesday

Too many mistakes by city

There seems to be an epidemic of people dying as a result of city worker mistakes.

Whether it is the Fire, Police, Sheriff's, Public Health, Rec and Park departments or, now possibly, the Housing Authority, the story is the same. Invariably there is a cover-up and scandal. Yet no one gets fired.

Aside from the tragic loss of life, it costs The City millions to settle lawsuits. We spend far more to run this city as any of comparable size in the country, and we are not getting our money's worth.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

"Pier 70 initiative is left in limbo," The City, Friday

Prop. B a political football

Whereas the state's legal challenge on Proposition B puts doubt in the proposed Pier 70 measure, here is another reason during the Nov. 4 election to vote yes on the measure to break up an ungovernable California into six states to reduce the size of state government:

A proponent of Prop. B, former Mayor Art Agnos, said that the lawsuit against Prop. B stems from "political manipulation" by Gavin Newsom, also a former mayor.

Power to "We the people" and the "Rule of law!"

Frank Norton

San Francisco

"Stick legends set for one last game," Sports, June 30

Loved the Candlestick game

The Legends of Candlestick flag football game on July 12 surpassed all expectations.

It was fun to take our children, Sammy and Sophie, to see Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Jeff Garcia and Dan Marino play one last time at Candlestick Park.

Seeing Montana lead the 49ers on one final come-from-behind game-winning drive at the Stick made it even more special.

Shoshana and

Stephen A. Silver

San Francisco

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