Letters: Time for club to use modern weapons 

“Final shot for city gun club,” The City, Friday

Time for club to use modern weapons

As long as I can remember, for almost eight decades, from my bedroom, hearing the first L-Taraval streetcar in the morning as it went along Ulloa Street toward Ocean Beach, and the discharge bangs of the skeet shooter shotguns at the Pacific Rod and Gun Club at Lake Merced. Many things have changed since June 1934 when the skeet field was opened.

The hunting of game and foul has changed as San Francisco developed most of its open area and no longer permitted hunting. Gone are the days of sword-fighting, daggers, the mace and bows and arrows for fighting.

Today, men are being taught to fight with laser guns, particle-beam weapons and drones. Perhaps it is time to put away the shotgun and shells and replace them with some of the more modern weapons for the men retired from the military and their sons to practice shooting skeets.

I likely won’t miss hearing the bangs, but it will be a much cleaner way of target shooting if the Pacific Rod and Gun Club has its lease extended at Lake Merced.

Frank Norton

San Francisco

“Drought ramps up water restrictions,” News, March 18

Save by stopping fracking

Although I support the restrictions that the State Water Resources Control Board have imposed, I see it has failed to address the large amount of water that fracking for oil and gas uses. I would like to see that all fracking be banned until we get back to the rain mode.

We don’t need fracking at this time since the price of oil and gas has decreased significantly (I sorely know since I receive income from mineral rights).

As a further note, National Geographic’s March issue has an article about how the drastic increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma is a direct result of fracking.

Perhaps you perceive that I am ranting more about fracking, but this practice is sorely using water that we need in California.

Ann Dolyniuk

San Francisco

“Shopping, food part of Giants’ The Yard,” The City, March 16

S.F. does not need Yard

As if having a humongous stadium (complete with a gigantic bottle touting Scott Wiener’s favorite beverage to receptive kiddies) named after a dissolute corporate monopoly were not bad enough, we now must endure The Yard at AT&T Park, a tasteless stack of steel shipping crates masquerading as public space.

The butt-ugly parklets, the taxpayer-subsidized art installation on the dysfunctional Willie Brown Bridge, the corporate nonprofit banners disgracing our utility polls, the advertising billboards swamping Muni and the tour buses, the suites of Los Angeles-style condos for millionaires, the fatuous streetscaping ­— all of these are already over the top.

How much more do we have to endure before we no longer need to move to Los Angeles or Las Vegas to live in a tacky and tasteless environment because that will be all that is remaining?

None of us signed up to live in a gigantic theme park, it has been inflicted upon us.

Harry S. Pariser

San Francisco

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