Letters: Supervisors should ride Muni daily 

“Most officials taking challenge,” The City, April 27

City officials should ride Muni every day

One month of Muni rides does not a commuter make. Gimme a break. Each supervisor should be required to ride every Muni line in their respective districts — in both directions to the end of the lines — at least once. After that task is completed, they should ride Muni to and from work like the rest of us.

As much as commuters complain, this is a city where one can get almost everywhere on public transportation. It takes patience and perseverance, at times, but when it works it has no rival in the country. It is a daily experience no supervisor should be without.

Terri James-Day

San Francisco

Train etiquette

Passengers are rude to others on BART

In my several years of riding BART to and from work, I have seen a lot of ugly things on these trains.

However, there is a prevalent issue that I spoke about six years ago and, to this day, it seems there is no solution in sight.

It is an ugly sight to see able-bodied young men and women sitting on the priority seats while heavily pregnant women, disabled men and women with canes, and very old people stand up and pant at every stop the train makes.

The placards are boldly placed behind these seats, yet people ignore them and just carry on their business.

Either by omission or commission, some people see nothing wrong with this, as all seats look the same to them.

I have had to give up my seats several times for people in need of those seats, and I have had to politely enforce the rules regarding the priority seating when I have no seats to vacate so elderly people or heavily pregnant women can sit.

I think it is time BART management use part of their budget overflow to address this issue. BART must act now.

John Tanwani


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