Letters: Scrutinizing SFMTA leader 

➤ “More time for Muni talks,” The City, Monday

Scrutinizing SFMTA leader

The head of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Ed Reiskin, does not have the support of Muni drivers or the riding public, he has screwed the cabdrivers and their representative has quit, car owners are mad at the disappearance and rising cost of parking, and backlash groups are forming all around town.

Yet Mayor Ed Lee sticks with this guy. Unbelievable.

Tim Donnelly

San Francisco

➤ Around the Globe, News, Tuesday

Look back at Iraq mistakes

Now that Iraq is aflame with terrorism and the United States struggles to find a response, it might be a good idea to assess our recent involvement there.

We invaded Iraq in response to the World Trade Center attacks, and because we believed that they possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Today, we know they had nothing to do with 9/11 and had no such weapons, but our mistake cost thousands of additional lives and perhaps trillions of dollars. Now it appears the situation there is as volatile as it has ever been.

Joseph Carducci


➤ “Vehicle fee’s place on ballot uncertain,” The City, June 10

Don’t pin bills on drivers

Why do the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and officials like Supervisor Scott Wiener believe cyclists are entitled to new and improved infrastructure that will be paid for by motorists? Why don’t the mayor and supervisors insist that bicyclists pay their fare share?

Why do they believe that motorists — who pay registration fees, gas taxes and sales taxes at the time of purchase — should be responsible for giving bike riders free use of the infrastructure they use every day?

Taxpayers who do not ride bikes should not be forced to pay an unfair share to satisfy a very vocal minority.

Howard Epstein

San Francisco

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